Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is there life in this old blog yet?

When you've been blogging so long that you cannot remember
how long you've been blogging,
I think its fair to have unblogged moments...
The blip in my blogging has coincided with a blip in my mental health.
Although I am gathering myself together
I am realising that living my life online has consequences
that lead me away from reality
making me less inclined to leave the house.
I understand that we dip in and out of this world,
I've just spent far too long dipping in...
I know that I can't be alone with this issue
I also know that its not healthy for me.
I'm not really sure where I will go from here.
I am active still on Instagram
 (apologies again for those that aren't)
Quilting is keeping me sane....I think?!
That and meditation and breathing exercises
which I'm discovering via the free app destressify.
If you've been suffering with anything
be it mental or otherwise
I really recommend giving this a go...
its changing the way I think.
I'll leave you with my current sewing efforts xx

 My flowers for Eleni x

Thanks for listening and take care of yourselves xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

dreams and wip for 2015

 Well now before January has totally slipped by
thought I should share my hopes for this year.
My list of 'want to make' is somewhat short especially as I already have one 
under the belt!
However projects like the one below
just creep on in.
 This flying geese project is just a few hours old.
Flying geese are very much on my radar for 2015
they are such a joy to make,
and when kind friends send you beautiful fabrics
its so easy to set off on a new journey!
 I'm quite in love with the idea of marrying up 
the vintage sheets from AdaBea with the beautiful *Molly Hatch fabric
that Mary sent me.
*Ask Mary aka MollyFlanders for availability.

2015 projects
1 flying geese curtains for my sewing room (above)
2 epp red and white star Christmas quilt
3 plaid and denim flying geese quilt

1 Irish chain (top completed last week!)
2 Orphan block 
3 Liberty clamshell

Quite a neat little list really,
though I'm sure there will be more added!
On a personal front I'm hoping for a less anxiety filled year,
for this I am learning to run
which I have found wonderful for my mind
and for positive thinking!
Looking forward now to cracking on with it all
Thanks for your enduring generosity.
Clare xxx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

An overdue thankyou!

 I have been thoroughly spoilt this winter,
words fail me...the generosity of online folk is astounding!
I do of course participate in the giving...
but always feel like I get way more in return!!
So a big thank you to..
 Mary aka MollyFlanders
 Susan aka Patchwork n Play
 and AdaBea aka VintageSheetAddict
I really cant thank you ladies enough
you spoil me xxx

Monday, 5 January 2015

optimism and a new year

 Hello dear readers and a happy new year!
Its been a while hasn't it?
I've been lost in the world of instagram,
which I know annoys some,
so I shall try to stop by here at least once a week.
To be truthful I needed a break from the blog,
I do find blogging sucks up so much of my time,
and with instagram I can find more time to be creative
with a needle and less keyboard action.
I feel 2015 is a year for optimism,
I've languished too long in the land of 'what ifs'.
So less self deprecation
and a little more unashamed cheering!
Clare xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

firecracker quilt reveal

 This must be some kind of record for me
three quilt reveals in one year?!
My camera does not like red
apologies if my pictures burn your retinas! know the protocol..

 The juicy bits.
Firstly I'm shocked that I finished this all in one year
especially as its hand pieced and hand quilted!
This quilt began after I had a purge on all my scrap fabrics.
Some how I had all these heavy woven fabrics
rather than throw them out I decided to make something from nothing.
The red and the cream were given to me by my Mum (as they do).
The denim was a skirt that I ripped.
The turquoise was a curtain from my last home.
The navy floral was a junk shop find
and the stripes came from another quilt back.
The quilt backing is a vintage sheet from the same junk shop.
Quilt measurements 75" x 60" 
diamonds 8" at the widest point. 
Quilted with cream anchor perle cotton 8.
I quilted lines that exploded out from the middle star
to add extra fireiness.
Lastly the name.
I soon realised as I began this quilt that I was going to keep it 
red white and blue.
As my birthday was a big one this year
I started to call it my celebration quilt.
But then my friend Mary
told me that people whose birthdays fall near July 4th
are called lil firecrackers.
And so I found the perfect name!!!
ps. this quilt is so!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

back in the hoop

 For a couple of weeks now I've been 
quilting quilting quilting!!
I first hand basted the quilt sandwich with my favourite
heirloom 80/20 cotton blend wadding
and a perfect vintage sheet from my stash.
I find it works well to roll my quilt like a scroll when I'm basting
so I'm not distorting the layers by kneeling on them.
 Painted that wall mustard in summer!
 I have returned to the hoop.
I was a renegade for awhile...that was until
I realised it was okay to have more than one thread on the go!
I'm also using masking tape to guide my lines,
I'm not looking for perfect spacing
but straight lines are a must for this quilt.
 Multi threads (Lucy!)
I have chosen to exaggerate the explosiveness of the design
with the perle cotton 8 
I hope I made the right decision.
It reminds me of that White Stripes
Seven nations army video.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

four cornered firecracker

What a perfect day for a quilt shoot!
This is my english paper pieced firecracker quilt top.
As its a heavy doodeee piece I was worried the quilting may be tough.
But no worries, this little sample was easy enough.
I have found the perfect backing
from my stash (of course)
Its a vintage sheet
not one of those soft over washed ones
but quite a heavy draped one....
love it when a plan comes together
especially without leaving the house!

The wadding is 80/20 cotton blend which I get from the cotton patch.
And the animation was made at